Wagestream is now Available to Fourth's Workforce Management Customers at No Additional Cost

Fourth and Wagestream believe in better financial resilience for all. Financial pressures are at an all-time high. Launch Fourth x Wagestream today to provide vital support to your team members as we move into a second lockdown and period of furlough. Wagestream funds all earned wage transfers as they come through, so you do not need to wait until you receive staff furlough payments from HMRC to start offering earned wage access.


To find out more, or to activate Fourth Wagestream today, complete your details below.


The Fourth and Wagestream Financial Wellbeing Platform

To help support your business and your employees, Fourth are now offering Wagestream, the earned wage access solution, at no additional cost to Workforce Management customers using the payroll module. It is quick and simple to activate and means you can better support your staff’s financial wellbeing through instant access to furloughed wages.


Employees can track earnings in real-time, set up reminders for recurring bills and clearly see their incomings vs outgoings. 55% of users now feel more in control of their finances.



Employees can access earned wages, cover unexpected expenses and avoid unnecessary debt. 42% of users have since avoided turning to payday lenders.



Financial fitness tools and trusted and impartial information to build money confidence. 6x a month users access financial tools and tips in the app.



Create a savings culture through incentivised savings directly from their salary. Help your employees save for a more secure financial future. Employees who stream are 2-3x times more likely to start saving.



“Brilliant service. So happy my employer started using Wagestream. Really helpful if money is a bit short at the end of the month. Saves me using a credit card.”

Dan, Wagestream user and Trustpilot reviewer


“I have a family but I'm the only wage earner at the moment ....it is so helpful that I can draw out of my wages to get the essentials we need through the month ....Thank you for a wonderful service.”

Bernadette, Wagestream user and Trustpilot reviewer





Activate Wagestream in 3 simple steps

It only take 90 minutes of your time, we do the rest!



Click and sign:

Enter your details via the form then we will then send you an EchoSign document to confirm you wish to activate this offering.


Get your go live date:

A member of Wagestream team will be in touch to confirm the date when the new feature will go live for you.


Go live!

Wagestream can handle all of the launch communications for you to make sure your employees know about this added benefit.


Chat to an expert

Book some time to talk in detail with one of our friendly team about how you can bring Wagestream to your employees as a Fourth customer.



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What our Customers are Saying



Dawne Brown

People & Talent Director, Fuller Smith and Turner

“It’s not just the early access to wages that is appealing to Fuller’s though. We are big believers in giving our team members the personal tools they need to manage their finances and Wagestream offers access to tips and guides for improving your financial health too. It’s an exciting partnership and one that I know will be well received.” 

Kate Moscardini

Head of People Experience, Honest Burgers

"We are excited to partner with Wagestream and be able to give our employees an instant and accessible way to access their wages. We want to make things as easy as we can for our teams and Wagestream will be key in delivering that. By launching Wagestream now, it means our employees can access their furlough pay before we receive it from the Government which will ensure we are continuing to support them during these tough times."

Joanne Sullivan

Head of People, Byron

"In these uncertain time’s its important to give as much help and support as you can to your staff and using Wagestream we felt we would be supporting our staff with increased access to their incomes at a time of extreme uncertainty and need."




HR Director, Stonegate Pub Company

"Our employees have had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the introduction of this service. Getting early access to money you have already earned, that is to all intents and purposes yours, seems so simple but this is a real revolution in pay that is already making it easier to recruit and retain staff."

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